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It’s Bondi, baby. Sometimes having teenagers is fun. Nothing could be more true than a holiday in Bondi with them. There is something for everyone in Bondi. We stayed at the Adina apartments in Hall Street Bondi. Great accommodation for a family as we had two adjoining rooms and a pool.

A quick five-minute walk to the beach and surrounded by great bars, cafes and junk food. Yep, that’s correct, I said junk food. You cannot help but notice how the culture in Bondi is polarised. There is a proliferation of junk food places along Campbell Parade, directly opposite the beach. Here you will find backpackers and gorgeous bronzed kids. The smell of hot chips and salty sea air is omnipresent.

Walking away from the beach into the side streets and laneways there are many great places to eat. Menus laden with organic produce, activated almonds, chia and edible flowers; one of my favourites. Who knew some flowers could taste spicy when they look so pretty; alas I digress. There are also some great little spots to have an aperitif. Aperol and Campari are on high rotation in summer. I love them both for their pretty colour, but Campari is my favourite for its bitterness. Such a refreshing drink on a hot evening.

Days are easily whiled away at the beach. Our days began with a walk or run on the beach. The beach is well-patrolled and packed. It’s a large beach with plenty of sand, so there is room for everyone. There are little lockers and showers on the esplanade. The Bondi Rescue film crew were out, and the kids loved seeing them as it is Bondi baby! The weather was perfect, and we could swim every day. It was a relaxed holiday. There is a beautiful Bondi to Bronte coastal walk of 3km. The walk is along the cliff tops and provides spectacular coastline views and beaches.

We ate in and out over the course of the week. Harris Farm Markets located a one-minute walk from our accommodation, was perfect for fresh food. They have a great selection of fruit, vegetables and some delicious deli products, including French cheeses. There is also an IGA and bottle shop Bondi Cellars on Hall Street. There is a seafood shop located further down the street towards Campbell Parade. The fresh food in Bondi is of good quality.

Several meals were eaten at Bill Granger’s Bills of Bondi. The coffee at Bills is reliable, a compliment that lacks generosity due to my being a Melbournian. To be fair, it is the best coffee in Bondi. We had a delicious brunch at Bills, including the classic delectable Ricotta Hotcakes, unbeatable. Dinner is great here and a chance for Bill to break away from his very famous well, deserved brunch reputation. The menu is refined and beachy, including many delicious seafood dishes. The kids loved going to China Diner for dumplings. The space for China Diner is funky and relaxed, with a modern area at the front for cocktails and quick eats or the more Shanghai-inspired dining room toward the back.

Our favourite family night out in Bondi is Icebergs. Icebergs have become somewhat of an institution. It is located on Notts Avenue above the old Bondi Baths, a historical landmark and location for many fashion shoots. We have been to Icebergs once a year for a few years running, and I feel like you can take the city’s temperature when you are at Icebergs. This year was no exception. We saw a beautiful group of people standing at the bar. The women were wearing floral Zimmerman dresses with flat strappy sandals. The men were tanned and wore linen. It was a rather pleasant sight. There was a bohemian vibe, which I like about Icebergs. I know it will be different if I go next week or next year. The glorious permanent timepiece of a pool remains, but the people change. They will have wandered off elsewhere.

Bondi is a place to go and daydream. A good spot to reset and plan the year. You can go fresh and organic to start your New Year resolutions or have one more alcoholic junk fuelled week before work begins again. You will see youths backpacking, entrepreneurs working with laptops in cafes and plenty of healthy bodies enjoying the summer sun. When I am in Bondi, I am struck by relevance as Bondi is a happy place. It is a good way to start the year.

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Iceberg’s, an iconic spot worth a visit

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