Beyond the limits of beauty

When blurry lines of beauty speak.
Our souls do sing as pleasure peaks
And if we should avert our eyes
Doth beauty form a new disguise
She hunts us down as truth doth seek
Her gentle caress upon our cheek
And when we attempt to turn away
Her fairness doth command we stay
For in our hearts lives true desire
That justice loves and cannot mire
And so we seek a shroud that may
Cloak us in the auspice of the day.

Nicole Cullinan
Things of beauty…music, flowers, books, and art by Sophie Grace. Photo credit Nicole Cullinan.

Beyond the limits of beauty. Last week I announced the next post would be on beauty, but I couldn’t write it. I am a seeker of beauty and all that it be. I have traversed the history of beauty so many times over the years, and it is a complex topic with much emotion. At the beginning of time, beauty was just about form and objectivity. Beauty was included among the ultimate traditional values of goodness, truth and justice. Over the centuries, it was understood that beauty is also subjective; it is in the eye of the beholder and prone to the opines of the day. Once it became historically accepted that beauty is objective and subjective, it was largely removed from discussion in the arts and no longer grouped with the virtues of goodness, truth and justice. Because if everything can be beautiful, then it is meaningless. Beauty is meaningless…

I feel overwhelmed by all my thoughts regarding beauty, and I wonder if my opinion is irrelevant and if I will be misunderstood. My mind wanders beyond the limits of beauty. I woke weary after what had been a tiring weekend, a weekend of objectivity, subjectivity, goodness, truth and justice. But also a weekend of beauty. I sat in my garden and wrote a poem about beauty. And at this point in time, that is all I have got…the simple understanding that beauty is complicated.

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