Ode to Success

Success, where do you hide?
You are nascent in love and hate.
Your scorn makes me smile like a snap dragon.
Praise be evil as you bathe in her populist fragrance.
Disdain glorious like a rainbow on a summer’s day.
Your affection like a bee-sting on my soul.
Desire like a daisy on a grave.
Discord dancing upon hearts and heads.
I want you to love me and hate me in equal measure.
For now I have tasted you, I want more.

By Nicole Cullinan

I feel this poem needs an explanation…It is about how I regard success. It is written in a metaphysical format. This is writing I enjoy but am often very fearful of sharing because it is a little abstract. Metaphysical poetry is about conceits. This is often imaginative and explores specific parts of an experience.

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