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Nicole has an established career in the architecture and arts industry in content creation and writing. She has had the privilege of working with a number of prominent Australian creatives and enjoys discovering what it is that makes their work unique. With a passion for place making and the built environment. Nicole is also a published academic author. She enjoys working across borders and has recently published in Germany and America. This year she was invited to be a jury member for Archiol, an international Architecture company. Nicole has a side hustle in photography, her images have been featured on the NGV and Heide websites and socials. She is a visual art contributor for Beyond Words Literary magazine and had a photo exhibited as part of the Photo 2021 collaboration with French artist JR at Federation Square. She was also Highly Commended in the Mono Photography Competition in 2021. Nicole is currently undertaking a research project and believes the architects work can be more than what the eye can see; ‘allegoria dei sensi’. A trinity of function, form and feeling.


https://www.bergmanandco.com/ Bergman and Co

Rone for Open Windows Article and Photo


Nicole is always available for side collaborations and content creation. If you want to chat about architecture, design, writing, photography, or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out.


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