About me

She believed it was possible to feel your eye narrow and your pupil dilate.

Nicole Cullinan

I have so much desire for all that life offers. New experiences, old habits and finding the joy in the everyday. A poetic point of view. There are more people reading my blog than I could have imagined. This makes me feel responsible and recalcitrant in equal measure. It also makes me think about the truth.

The truth is a complex thing in todays social media landscape. Some people assume there is more truth as you can discover so much about a person online, but for me it is an opportunity to curate my own identity. I will always post content with sincerity but at this time I take the opportunity to remind you much is omitted.

I have a beautiful family, three daughters and one son. They range in age from 16 to 22 years. I was born to breed and for a long time spoke of a fifth…I know; crazy. Children, such overwhelming love. I will not be writing about them. I want to hold all of those memories and happenings close to my heart; a secret that is just for me. This may be selfish but I think it’s important for my family. We have things that are unique to us and they are unifying.

I spend quite some time in service of community. This is a private part of my life. I have had strong community connections all my life that came from my Mother, she is the kindest person I know. For me, these relationships are part of the fabric of my life. To write about them would be akin to exploiting a friend. This doesn’t make me a good or bad person; just a person trying to find my way in life.

I’m so looking forward to sharing with you the comings and goings of life. All things art, design, lifestyle, travel and love from a poetic point of view.