I wish I could tell you I am a really put-together person and have a robust and straightforward narrative of precisely what I do. But this would not be true. I am a creative.

I have a growing body of published photographic work. I enjoy the anonymity of print, that some images are intended for a specific audience. I regularly contribute to Beyond Words literary magazine, and my work appears in international architecture and art magazines. I have been a finalist in many photographic awards. Here is a link for more on my photography. https://www.nicolecullinanphoto.com/

I also write, most commonly on architecture, and I am published in several international architecture magazines. These writings are consumed with a need to understand how we occupy space. I have a fascination with the connection between function, form and feeling. I was shortlisted in 2022 for the World Architecture News FFA awards for my writing on architecture.

I am the director of a design agency. We do work across arts, architecture and the beauty industry. This includes photography and creative direction. Follow the link here if you would like to learn more. https://crycupboard.com/